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SMILE English Schoolの教育理念








言葉を言い始めたら、次に言葉と言葉を繋ぐことができるようになります。例えば、「fast」+「train」、「apple」+「juice」、「big」+「fish」、「blue」+「circle」などです。そして、次に句や文を作ることができるようになります。例えば、「I like fast trains.」「I drink apple juice.」などです。そのため、一つ一つ完結する授業内容ではなく、全ての授業が続いている『連続性』のある授業展開を重視しています。


I believe in repetition.  Students need many chances to hear the words and grammar in different situations.

I do not force output. The first few times it is hard to produce, even after repeating after the teacher. I find that most students start producing the target language, much in the same way that babies do.

You repeat until they copy. Then you start linking words, fast+train, apple+juice, big+fish, blue+ circle. Then you make phrases. I like fast trains. That is a blue circle. I drink apple juice.

Another example, I take an activity, like a warm up, and keep adding to it. First it is just clap clap clap clap clap, stop. Then I add, clap faster. Then I add ouch, that hurt. Same with phonics. First it’s just the ABCs, then the phonic sounds, and then words that start with the letter. C – Kuh cake, cat, candy, camping. D- Duh dog, down, do etc.

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